Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Norwegian Channel for Board Members

Friday the 23rd of April we're kick-starting the online Channel for Norwegian Board Members - Kanal for Styremedlemmer i Norge (KSN).

The 4th Friday of every month at 15:00 I will be doing a 30 minute interview with prominent and experienced board members / directors accompanied by an online dialog using Twitter at #styremedlem.

The first well-known individual interviewed will be Erik Gudbrandsen. A month ago Erik resigned as the Director of the board at Ernst & Young.

Erik's many years of great success and experience will give you a sneak peak of what it's like to be at the helm of big business (join broadcast here).

Network of Board Members
The LinkedIn group "Styremedlemmer i Norge" driving this initiative now consists of more than a thousand members. The last hour only more than 70 key people signed up. It's growing fast!

Mark your calendar for Friday 23. April 15:00 CET for the first broadcast and interview with Erik Gudbrandsen. Send your twitter messages and questions with #styremedlem. (Note! The interview will be in Norwegian.)

Erik Gudbrandsen in on my list of "Great People".

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