Monday, April 12, 2010

Love Unfeigned

Look up "unfeigned" in the dictionary and you'll find words such as true, sincere, real and genuine. And now you're thinking, what's he on about? Let me share some personal feelings and reflections...

I remember one early morning in 1997, while out delivering mail on my bike, I witnessed a father and his three year old son. Dad was agitated and took it out on this small boy. Boy! was I shook up. I wanted to go over and tell that man straight. How could he be so harsh on his own helpless son? I could tell this kid had no idea why his dad was so angry. I thought: Why not slow down, lower your voice, give him a hug and explain what you'd like him to do?!

Since then, I've witnessed overzealous parents time and time again. We probably mean well, but here's my plea to all of us, parent or no parent: "Please, let's try a little harder to be gentle and good to the young ones!"

If you're not sure about yourself and how it's going, try listening to objective feedback and/or e.g. apply the human endowment of self awareness. Choose to proactively show love unfeigned!

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