Sunday, April 4, 2010

Combating Pornography was just launched and I think it's a site and initiative greatly needed in today's world. The resources that have gone into this are well spent.

I believe there can be little doubt that moral standards are under constant attack. For instance, what we see in the media today was deemed outrageous just a few years ago. Sooner or later we all need to consciously and seriously consider where we stand in this regard - whether we believe it's right or wrong and whether we will accept it or not.

Today, everywhere around us, there are enticing messages of acceptance related to pornography. Those of us who believe this is no good thing should stand up and voice our opinion clearly. However, there's a battle more important than any other, a way in which we offer the greatest support to this cause, and that is teaching and instructing our own children and family members one-on-one. If parents teach values and moral standards effectively, I believe nothing else will have a greater impact on the future of our society.

A few examples of similar initiatives or websites with useful information:

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