Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are You Carrying the Load?

Do you find yourself carrying the weaknesses or defects of other people? Is there a good reason for you to be upset about it? Or just maybe, could there be someone that ought to be upset with you in much the same way that you are with them..?

Maybe society can be classified into two major groups - in every respect:

(1) Those who carry the load
(2) Those who add to the load

Today I'm asking: "Which one am I?"

First of all I'm thinkin', the question should probably be rephrased: "Am I a burden to others, and can I shape up?"

In some respects we're all carrying a (heavy) load of some kind. It may be a major project or just a small every-day task... Regardless of what it might be, we should be careful not to become too self righteous about whatever it is we do. Why?

Well, as far as I understand, we're all in an "ecosystem" of give and take. Let me share two quick examples to illustrate:

EXAMPLE # 1 - Carrying the Load
Today I'll be doing another round of public service picking up trash in the local community. I know from previous experience that such an activity gives me a positive kick. While at work my thoughts almost always are "what makes people just toss stuff around like this"? In my mind I may also be thinking: "At least I don't add to the amount of trash myself..."

EXAMPLE # 2 - Adding to the Load
...but then, what kind of a self righteous attitude is that?! I may not be polluting the environment in that particular way. However, in many other settings I myself am probably causing a heavy burden on society and the people around me, too, both with regards to environment as well as in other areas... For instance, I rely on weekly maintenance from others when it comes to keeping my office clean. On my accountant for handling all my paperwork. On my colleagues during big events and training venues, and yes, sometimes on my wife to help me remember where to find stuff around the house.

Summum bonum; who are we to judge others for being a burden? We're all carrying a load, but likewise, we're also adding to the burden in so many ways. Are we not?!

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