Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Individual Improvement

There's one thing that still gives me a serious kick in the busy life of business. When and what? Behavior change!

There are many aspects of life more valuable than business. For instance, I'm not married to work. I'm married to my wife. My wife and kids - my family and many other things matter most and much more than work and what I do for a living. However, who says business can't be fulfilling?

Since 2002, when I named our main company One-on-One AS, this simple philosophy has truly kept me going:

Making a solid difference in the life of one person at a time.

For instance, today I did another full day of training from morning till evening. Witnessing individuals participating nervously in role-plays and dramatically improving by leaps and bounds during just one day is something that gives life purpose and meaning. Positive feedback is nice, but nothing beats actual change - when someone moves from ineffective to effective patterns of behavior. It's one of the basic sources of motivation for me.

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