Monday, March 1, 2010

Google vs Microsoft

On Thursday the 25th of March I'm hosting another IKT Grenland evening with prominent guests, among those the Managing Director of Microsoft Norway as the main speaker.

I find the sharpened competition between Microsoft and Google exhilarating. In the end of this month Microsoft's Hege Skryseth will be visiting Klosterøya here in Grenland. She and her colleagues will be speaking with both techies and sales people, as well as leaders of the software business in Norway.

When Google paid IKT Grenland a visit end of November last year, we almost had 200 people in attendance. There were no seats left - 30 people had to stand all through the presentation. It'll be interesting to see which of the companies currently enjoys the greatest popularity. People generally vote with their feet, i.e. if participation is lower this time, it may actually be an indication of who's winning in today's market place.

Will you be there? It's totally free! (Read up on Microsoft's visit to IKT Grenland.)

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