Sunday, March 14, 2010

Effective Use of Time

I love music, but music can sometimes keep you from making effective use of your time. Why not swap some musical entertainment with audio learning?

Almost everywhere you look these days you'll see young people with headphones covering their ears. Makes you wonder what they're listening to. From speaking with friends it's pretty obvious: "Why, music, of course??!"

With today's wonderful tools we enjoy the privilege and opportunity of constant learning. As a teenager I used to listen to talk tapes. Now, on my cell phone, I always have at least 48 hours worth of audio books and training. In fact, much much more than that.

My work schedule doesn't necessarily allow me to do much listening during the toughest hours of the day, but early morning, in the evening or whenever there is a moment of "nothingness" I have so much great stuff to study (...even though I do appreciate just silence, whenever that is needed!).

Of course, I listen to music as well. However, most of the "music" I hear makes me wanna dance. It may not be rythm, beat and harmonies, but rather pure knowledge that inspires wise every-day application and that gives me a lot of energy.

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  1. You know, this post is interesting to me. I love music and rarely have time for it anymore, so I've taken to listening wherever I can. When it comes to learning from audio books/training, I find myself unable to recall the information as well when I'm doing something else. However in moments of "nothingness" I completely agree.