Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Board Members in Norway

If you'd like to become a board member, I've found the perfect place to let all of Norway know about it. Conversely, if you're looking for good people to fill a board member assignment, now the network to find a long list of potential board members is easily accessible and freely available to anyone who needs it.

More than a thousand key people are now networking online in a group called Board Members in Norway. During the past month alone we've mapped out more than two hundred people in Norway who are ready to take on a board member challenge.

That's a pretty fast growing network, wouldn't you say? To me it seems obvious there are a lot of quality people in Norway who would like to make their talent available, but the network has been missing - so far.

Online Forum For Board Members
Well, we have the solution for you. The fastest growing network for Board Members in Norway is found at LinkedIn. More than a thousand people are already collaborating in an online forum for this. Discussions are appealing and thought provoking. Here you can find answers to many of the challenging problems a board faces on a running basis.

Find People Who Are Looking For People
If, for instance, you'd like to take a proactive approach, there are forty key people looking for board members as we speak. Why not contact some of them and let them know who you are? Now's your chance.

APPLY HERE - NOW! (Of course it's free ;-)

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