Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's Leadership About?

The one thing widely discussed must be the topic of "Leadership"...

Why are we so much into "Leadership"? Is it because a lot of us aspire to be a leader? Is it because it's such a complex and challenging matter? Is it because it's so important?

Is "Leadership" an interesting academic area to explore and therefore the subject of research and questioning? Is it because there are few answers and such a vast array of different approaches? Is it because failure is costly? Is it because so many have so many opinions about the subject and have witnessed so much failure?

Maybe it's all of them, or even none of the above. Can you think of anything I didn't mention you think should be listed?

Here's a quick poll on Leadership you may want to participate in if you feel like providing some statistical answers to what we believe about "Leadership" and what it's most of all.

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