Thursday, February 11, 2010

Never Update Contact Details Again

Last week I made some predictions about the future. The post received quite a lot of interesting feedback. Well, here's another quick one for ya'...

Today I was reminded of another basic change I believe will come very soon. A growing pain of mine: "Maintaining contact details of other people". How long do you believe we'll keep putting in phone numbers and email addresses into our cell phones and address books?

I mean, how less effective is that?! Why would we maintain or update the contact details of anyone else than our own? I believe less than two years from now it's another change everyone takes for granted.

Did you ever lose your contact database on your cell phone or in your e-mail client? Well, the future is bright. The problem will no longer exist. Anyway, that's my guess... and I'm willing to bet it'll come from one of the key players in the information market, e.g. Google or even LinkedIn. You think so, too..?


  1. ever heard of Plaxo? It's actually been around for years :)

  2. LOL ;-)

    Yes, I just checked, Karel. My 1.000+ contacts at Plaxo are slowly increasing in numbers, but there's no way to bring these people's contact details right into my cell phone... yet. You know what I mean? Oh, I wish it was possible and easy to do already!!

  3. ...and that's my point exactly. Not just Plaxo, but LinkedIn, Facebook and all the others, too, automatically without having to synchronize and press buttons to keep my registers up to date.

    When someone out there gets a new email address, why should I have to worry about that?! That person should update once, one place only.

  4. The solution already exists, it just needs to be widely used (it appears to be more of a political/telco protectionism problem than anything else), and you have to admit it is even more elegant than what you envisioned ;)

  5. Lars Ivar!!! Your post gave me chills down my spine, from top to bottom ;-)

    Wauw! Thanks for sharing. That's excellent stuff. (...and it just confirms my expectations about what's coming; less than two years it may well be something that easily accessible to the average user, which doesn't seem to be the case yet, right..?)

  6. NORID/Uninett has a test running until the end of this year, afaik, so maybe we can get a proper solution in Norway after that. That won't necessarily help internationally though.

    According to the article I linked, the main problem is that most telco's do not wish to give the user this kind of control (people owning their main telephone number). In Norway we have number portability rights though, so it should be quite possible here.