Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does Left Wing Politics Eliminate Long Term Freedom of Choice?

Long term research reveals how the press and media in general are heavily influenced by the left wing in politics. Does anyone have any idea why this is so?

Statistically, the way it should be, at least how I'm thinking; the people's collective voice should be reflected in how journalists are prone to vote as a body, too. However, this is not the case. Political press coverage and content proves to have a heavy left wing bias. Considering the power of the media in today's society, this is thought provoking.

(E.g. Democratic progress in the U.S. always receives favorable attention in Norway, but when the Republicans are gaining ground it's hardly ever mentioned!)

The same goes for many of the labour unions in existence today. Here in Norway, this is almost completely on the wild side. For instance, any employee accepting a position in the public sector is encouraged by a number of different incentives to sign up for membership in LO (i.e. Landsorganisasjonen i Norge).

How it works? Well, if you want the most important benefits work has to offer, you will need to sign up for a formal membership, regardless of your political standpoint. Some of your salary is thus automatically deducted in support of this organization, who just happens to be the most critical partner to the Norwegian Labour party. Is this how it should be?

Even if I did vote somewhere in that direction, I would not accept such a corrupt democratic failure. Please, if you have a different opinion on the subject, I would love to hear it! In my opinion, true democratic supporters should work hard to abolish any type of bias, such as this, in a political system.

I get the impression that a growing support to the left wing will only limit our long term freedom of choice..?! (And I should quickly add, right wing exstremism seems to have the same effect.)


  1. Har du referanse på at LO er viktigste samarbeidspartner til arbeiderpartiet?
    hilsen Robert

  2. Nei, det er nok en viktig moderering, ja. Men at LO og AP henger tett sammen med lang historikk må kunne sies å være et ubestridelig faktum ;)

  3. det visste jeg ikke faktisk, men det er mye jeg ikke er helt klar over..
    Ja det er jo helt klart noe over å tenke over dte du sier her. Men dessverre kan jeg heller ikke så mye om politikk..
    Mine tanker om media er kanskje ikke så mye hva det politiske spillet går ut på, men heller at det er så fokusert på det negative. Det burde være en avis som skrev nyheter om kun gode ting (for å balansere mot alle andre aviser). Det hadde vært noe det!
    mvh Robert

  4. Kanskje DET er neste forretningsidé vi kaster oss over, Robert?! ;-)