Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chewing Gum Wrigley's Extra

Did you ever buy a particular chewing gum only to discover that it did in fact contain some bites of the wrong flavor?

I want to know: Am I the only one who has experienced a pack of chewing gum containing the odd bite of the wrong flavor? Here's the deal. I usually buy the green Wrigley's Extra.

However, as of late I've experienced several cases of Wrigley's blue Extra mixed in between the "green bites".

At first I thought my taste buds were playing up on me, but the flavor is very distinct and I'm positive it's a production error. Somewhere along a chewing gum production line every so often a piece of gum will find it's way into the wrong pack. Tell me, did you ever experience the same? Has or how frequently did this occur to you?


  1. Whaaaa? I've never even *heard* of such a thing! Don't they have QC checks to rule out that sort of thing? Perhaps it's your taste buds playing a trick on you and you're actually craving the color Blue. Yes, that's most definitely it. You need to have more of the color blue in your life.

  2. LOL! ;-) I like it. That solves it, doesn't it. Thanks for cheering up my day hehe