Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unused Potential

The more I spend my strength building people and businesses, the more I see and discover unused potential. What can we do to free or liberate that energy? Here's a possible approach.

While training large groups of people as well as when doing one-on-one coaching I frequently interact with fanTAStic and amazingly talented people. Such is also the case when I help establish new projects, companies and business opportunities.

Rarely, however, are these people at full liberty to apply these talents in their daily efforts at work. Instead, these unpolished diamonds are spending their strength in - what seems to them - uninspiring tasks. Thus, there is little energy in and behind what they do.

When people are doing what they love doing most, then their potential is unleashed and energy erupts. The following example might illustrate what I mean by this:

"An average employee" was invited to assume an added role as a board member in a new organization. The honor was unexpected and unsought for. However, the challenge inspired such tremendous energy that everything else this person did was taken to a new level because of it.

The moral of the story..? Help people realize what they'd like to do most. Then offer them the opportunity to get involved and sit back to witness what happens.

p.s. Maybe you'd like to know; the "Board Members in Norway" network highlights new opportunities at LinkedIn and is growing fast.

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