Thursday, January 28, 2010

Test Commercial for One-on-One

Today I was involved in a test commercial production for IKT Grenland that only took 20 minutes to produce. I admire the team's effectiveness. More so, the result, which was uploaded to YouTube, wasn't half bad, either. (Sorry, this time I speak Norwegian only ;-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unused Potential

The more I spend my strength building people and businesses, the more I see and discover unused potential. What can we do to free or liberate that energy? Here's a possible approach.

While training large groups of people as well as when doing one-on-one coaching I frequently interact with fanTAStic and amazingly talented people. Such is also the case when I help establish new projects, companies and business opportunities.

Rarely, however, are these people at full liberty to apply these talents in their daily efforts at work. Instead, these unpolished diamonds are spending their strength in - what seems to them - uninspiring tasks. Thus, there is little energy in and behind what they do.

When people are doing what they love doing most, then their potential is unleashed and energy erupts. The following example might illustrate what I mean by this:

"An average employee" was invited to assume an added role as a board member in a new organization. The honor was unexpected and unsought for. However, the challenge inspired such tremendous energy that everything else this person did was taken to a new level because of it.

The moral of the story..? Help people realize what they'd like to do most. Then offer them the opportunity to get involved and sit back to witness what happens.

p.s. Maybe you'd like to know; the "Board Members in Norway" network highlights new opportunities at LinkedIn and is growing fast.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Today's Charity Becomes Tomorrow's Good Deed

Like many others, I'm deeply concerned and moved to tears when I see the disastrous conditions of the Haitian people following the terrible earthquake they're severely suffering from in this very moment.

It makes me want to leave my daily business behind this instant and travel there to help those in pain and to team up with all the good people who are involved in the rescue operations.

However, devastating as this is, maybe you're thinking like me, that the media usually just highlights "the big stuff". The silent suffering in single small cases, is still in total at least equal to or probably much bigger than that of one single disaster.

Here and Now
It's not only possible, but we ought to do much good in the very place where we are located right now - this minute. (And just to be clear, we desperately need and I deeply admire and love all the good people who at this time are giving their all to the Haitian nation!!)

What I'm also saying, though, is this: Why not let this terrible catastrophe serve as a reminder and a way to reinforce our commitment to always be giving, even during, and especially when there is no explicit cry in the news and media.

There are, in fact, people with great needs around us every day, everywhere. All we need do is look around us; elderly people who are suffering from loneliness, children who are feeling left out or that receive unnecessary harsh treatment from other children or even grown-ups and young people suffering from low self esteem because nobody pays them a sorely needed compliment or two... just to name a few examples. Let's look out for and be kind to each other. Let's be patient, overbearing and supportive.

...and maybe most of all, let's remember this: The help that the Haitian people are receiving now is mostly the result of an organized effort that took place before and well in advance of the earthquake itself and its postlude suffering. Therefore, let's give in practical matters, but also give of our financial means regularly as a way of life, not just after something bad happens; giving now is noble, but having given yesterday as well as today is both noble and smart.

Today's charity can become tomorrow's good deed.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Small Everyday Moments

Some of life's most wonderful memories are, in my experience, small everyday moments.

Just think about it: What do you best remember with fond feelings from your childhood? To me, anyway, it's completely "insignificant" experiences where I felt that someone cared about me.

I like to think that today had some of this in it... For instance, one of our youngest, Lucy, came to me and asked that I put away my laptop to favor her with a fairytale. And so I did. Really taking the time to dive deeply into that story made this bonding... simply a moment of bliss. Oh, how I want to create many more such emotional highs!

Lillian took a picture of us. That sure sealed the experience ;-)