Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Are you among the select few who both make and keep new year's resolutions? Maybe you're not...

I have good news! You can change.

You can improve by taking two actions, now:

(1) Make one commitment only
75% of all failure begins with unrealistic commitments. Only if you have succeeded before, then you may increase the number of goals to two, or maybe even three. But again, that's only if you have succeeded with one goal in the past. Stay true to this focus and you'll find that this time it will actually happen. Believe me!

(2) Put your goal in writing
Where only 25% succeed in setting realistic goals, of these appx 80% fail by not writing them down and by doing it the wrong way. Your likelihood of success will increase dramatically if you carefully produce text to answer each of these four areas:

Discover MISSION (Is it important? Specify WHY you should.)

Kindle PASSION (Do I really want it? Specify WHAT you want.)

Make CONNECTION (To whom does it matter? Specify WHO.)

Use INTUITION (Do I know how? Specify HOW you will.)

Why you will succeed
If you're among the 5% who make it this far (actually it's only 4%) you'll be taking steps to actually having chosen your own direction in life. The "how to" might include small but important actions, such as:
  • Producing posters and reminders to keep your goals visible at all times
  • Keeping score and report daily and/or weekly
  • Splitting your goal into smaller commitments, either in time and/or parts
  • Deciding how you will celebrate victories
  • ...and more
Most importantly, realize that you can remake your commitment anytime (for instance I view every Sunday as a "new year" opportunity). Failure isn't failure unless you fail to try again. This time you will succeed, not because you're so much better, but because you decide to keep at it until you've conquered. Every failure only proves how important this is to you and can make you want it more than you did before. Every time you try you're a little closer to actually making that change or improvement! See failure as a step towards success. It's positive.

It's not hard to reach a goal. What's hard is to apply yourself to actually change. It's hard to keep it simple and apply yourself to this two-step process - 1) making a goal and 2) stick to it until you've done it (once it's written the right way, it becomes real, you'll see). Remember that goals are goals as long as you are determined to reach them. That's why we should use every failure to build, rather than destroy, our Mission, Passion, Connection and Intuition!


  1. You are my hero Vidar Top, I love everything you do, you are so cool, calm and collected about everything you do, you're the best!

    I aspire to be like you some day, I really do.

  2. Oh my goodness! Now that's a message to wake up to ;) Thank you!

    Well, just make sure not to copy all my mistakes too and I'm sure you'll be fine.