Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Youth was about don'ts, old age is about dos

In our mid-30's we gradually discover that life slows down. (Not activity wise, but mentally and physically.) Things no longer come to us without putting in some kind of effort, e.g. memorizing and learning, making changes, losing bad habits, bodily metabolism...

The don'ts
It seems as if my "youth" was about the don'ts... For instance, I've always kept away from tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and "harmful drugs". You might say, it kept me "out of trouble". These don'ts have always been pretty self evident to me.

The dos
However, the don'ts are no longer sufficient when you're coming closer to your 40's. You'll run into trouble for a lot less when you're getting older.

So, in my mind, our focus almost automatically switches to all the dos. It's not so much about what I should not eat any more, but rather it's about what I should eat that matters. I'm more careful to eat regularly, more slowly. I've also improved getting regular and moderate exercise. Vitamins is something I've grown to appreciate...

The change
The shift is simple. The way you view the picture of that sandwich just changes, doesn't it?!

Yepp. I guess these are among the first few processes that lead up to a midlife crisis, don't you think? ;-)

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