Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why Google makes great software

Now I know why Google makes great software - at least I think I do...

I had the privilege of having dinner with Jan Grønbech, Google's Country Manager for Norway. What really hit home to me is the kind of quality person he is. It was easy to strike up a good conversation and he's a sincere listener.

I'm thinkin' Google does an excellent job at hiring "the right people" and thus; smart products and clever solutions - in short - great software becomes a natural bi-product of such a strategic choice.

Jan Grønbech impressed 172 people at IKT Grenland ARENA. While presenting the Google culture and the philosophy and strategy of company decisions I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone, both at the event itself and all throughout the following day. Wauw!

Jan Grønbech's presentation will be available at YouTube early next week.

p.s. The local newspaper, Varden, did an article on the Google presentation also found online.
p.s.s. NRK did another article on the Google visit to Klosterøya.

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