Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Huge gap between theory and practice

You know, there usually is a HUMONGOUS gap between theory and practice.

As a trainer I seldom experience people that naturally embrace top notch business practice. Most of the time a lot of personal follow up is required to get people moving. So, I'm thinking; I know I want to be the kind of person with a DO IT mentality. The same goes for my family.

Last year I was introduced to some of the most powerful action oriented theory I've ever encountered in the world of business. It's called The Four Disciplines of Execution and helps people and teams seriously get down to business:
  1. Identify Wildly Important Goals (WIG's)
  2. Focus on lead measures
  3. Create a compelling scoreboard
  4. Establish a cadence of accountability

Well, we're doing it in our family - right now - as we speak. And I have to say... I've NEVER before seen such a phenomenal change and impact on my own kids. They're running around like crazy, motivated like never before. D'ya wanna know more..?! ;-)

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