Monday, November 2, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

That "Sam I am" is reeeeally pushing it, isn't he?!

Well, my kids love the story. Wait, I'm mistaken. They don't love it. They're crazy about it! And it's Sam's persistence that totally gets them. Pluss the fact that his chosen victim is so darn stubborn, isn't he. If he could only taste it, he'd see. Green eggs and ham aren't half that bad!

This evening I read the story to my kids, in English, again... You know they know it when a four-year old translates everything you say into Norwegian. (No, our four-year old twin girls do not speak English ;-) But this story, they can translate word for word - all the way through. Heh, how about that!

Dr Seuss' story is a classic among classics. Quite frankly, most Norwegians never heard it. That's why I'll give you the short cut to seeing it for yourself at YouTube (even though to fully appreciate the real deal it should be a read, not a feed!!).

BTW, did you know that Green Eggs and Ham is about selling?


  1. More sales wisdom;


  2. Fantastisk - tenk at jeg aldri har hørt hele ... eller sett den. Takk, Vidar :) Klem fra Marianne

  3. Ja, er'n ikke bra??! Selv om... "boka er bedre" ;)