Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't taste it if you don't mean it!

Did you ever taste something and immediately go nuts? I mean, in a positive sense... Well, to experience the sensation again you'd better read this quick post:

I guess some of us value and appreciate good food more than others, and I know that compared to most people I'm pretty much "average" foodwise. But I do like good food ;-)

Taste is the secret!
In Norway there's a growing love for Bergby's sennep (mustard), and I say growing because no other competing mustards even come close to similar increased sales and numbers. The adoption in the market place is nothing but phenomenal.

What happened?! Well, people got the taste of it and the word gets around. I guess you could phrase it just like the AXE commercial: "Don't taste it if you don't mean it". My rough estimation is that 95% of people who try it are hooked.

And in case you're wondering... yes, I'm a HUGE fan, too!


  1. Sounds interesting. I'll have to try it when it's gets to my side of the big Lake. While living in DK, I loved how the food just seemed . . . more rich.

  2. Sjekk :)