Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why Google makes great software

Now I know why Google makes great software - at least I think I do...

I had the privilege of having dinner with Jan Grønbech, Google's Country Manager for Norway. What really hit home to me is the kind of quality person he is. It was easy to strike up a good conversation and he's a sincere listener.

I'm thinkin' Google does an excellent job at hiring "the right people" and thus; smart products and clever solutions - in short - great software becomes a natural bi-product of such a strategic choice.

Jan Grønbech impressed 172 people at IKT Grenland ARENA. While presenting the Google culture and the philosophy and strategy of company decisions I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone, both at the event itself and all throughout the following day. Wauw!

Jan Grønbech's presentation will be available at YouTube early next week.

p.s. The local newspaper, Varden, did an article on the Google presentation also found online.
p.s.s. NRK did another article on the Google visit to Klosterøya.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Huge gap between theory and practice

You know, there usually is a HUMONGOUS gap between theory and practice.

As a trainer I seldom experience people that naturally embrace top notch business practice. Most of the time a lot of personal follow up is required to get people moving. So, I'm thinking; I know I want to be the kind of person with a DO IT mentality. The same goes for my family.

Last year I was introduced to some of the most powerful action oriented theory I've ever encountered in the world of business. It's called The Four Disciplines of Execution and helps people and teams seriously get down to business:
  1. Identify Wildly Important Goals (WIG's)
  2. Focus on lead measures
  3. Create a compelling scoreboard
  4. Establish a cadence of accountability

Well, we're doing it in our family - right now - as we speak. And I have to say... I've NEVER before seen such a phenomenal change and impact on my own kids. They're running around like crazy, motivated like never before. D'ya wanna know more..?! ;-)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gaia Ajax 3.6

Gaiaware, an IT company based at Klosterøya in Skien, just had its final release of Gaia Ajax 3.6!

This is a major step in smart web application development. Why? Because it's fast, lightfoot and intelligent.

Should development be fast? Of course it should be fast! I constantly interact with developers who are running behind schedule. Is it not time to be ahead of the game, deliver faster than expected and also produce high-speed web applications?

Do we want clean optimized best practice code? Of course we do. This is the way web applications should be built and ran. We're talking DRIMR technology.

Do you want to develop advanced web applications? This Ajax architecture instantly brings advanced ASP.NET Web App development right to your fingertips.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thierry Henry's Hand Of God Part II

I'm not much into football or soccer, but I still am deeply disappointed in Henry!

In today's dirty and money driven soccer arena not many players compel our respect and admiration. However, for me two players always seemed to kind of stand out, and just within a fairly short space of time both have dramatically and speedily fallen from their "thrones":

First, I am of course referring to Zinedine Zidane. What an amazing player, complete in every sense of the word. But just one simple howler completely ruined his reputation and mark on history. It even was his final game, for crying out loud!? Everyone knows and will remember Zidane's head butting that rude Italian player. Regardless of circumstance the action was inexcusable. I was, and quite frankly, it still saddens me when I watch it at YouTube. The drop from being the greatest player to "just like everybody else" was devastating.

Second, the other player I've enjoyed watching is, yes, you guessed it, Thierry Henry. Why, oh why, did Henry cheat like that in this important game versus Ireland??! It's so below his well established greatness these past years. What he did is a hundred times worse than losing. It simply is yet another very sad case in the sports arena if you're asking me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't taste it if you don't mean it!

Did you ever taste something and immediately go nuts? I mean, in a positive sense... Well, to experience the sensation again you'd better read this quick post:

I guess some of us value and appreciate good food more than others, and I know that compared to most people I'm pretty much "average" foodwise. But I do like good food ;-)

Taste is the secret!
In Norway there's a growing love for Bergby's sennep (mustard), and I say growing because no other competing mustards even come close to similar increased sales and numbers. The adoption in the market place is nothing but phenomenal.

What happened?! Well, people got the taste of it and the word gets around. I guess you could phrase it just like the AXE commercial: "Don't taste it if you don't mean it". My rough estimation is that 95% of people who try it are hooked.

And in case you're wondering... yes, I'm a HUGE fan, too!

Girls behaving like grown-ups?!

Just the other morning one of our twin girls asked mummy if today was their day off from kindergarten. When Lillian responded positively there was a spontaneous outburst while turning to her sister:

"Yessss. Give me five!"

...and then both of'em shared the sign of thumbs up and cheered in unison: "Yeah!"

My goodness! These are just small girls. Where do they get it from?!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Go programming language

If you're a developer, you might like to know that Google opened up on a two year project with a new programming language. It's called Go.

Go is designed to serve as a systems language, rather like C or C++, but it is extremely fast for development and for running speed in action. I'm going to talk with my developer friends to find out what they think about it. To me it sounds like a clever move.

BTW, the Norwegian Country Manager of Google is visiting Klosterøya on November 26th. Better not miss this opportunity ;-)

p.s. Did you know that there's an open source library available for ajax ASP.Net based development? And did you know it reduces time-to-market dramatically? My tip of the day.

Same sex marriage - yes or no?!

Mormon general authority and modern day apostle, Dallin H. Oaks, speaks on religious freedom and civil rights and explains how they are connected rather than being in opposition to each other.

Never EVER did I hear a better explanation of this subject. I strongly encourage you to listen to this public speech recently given at BYU Idaho (especially the latter half).

Also, I suggest we speak up for this important matter: The basic right for everyone, religious people included, to voice any opinion they may have in important matters of society.

Friday, November 6, 2009

LEGO robots have come to Grenland

Tomorrow is the big day. First LEGO League has reached Grenland, just like we promised it would last year. Here's a TV clip (in Norwegian) to illustrate what this is all about. (Fast forward 16 mins into the program to quickly find the relevant news.)

For more information about the program go to the IKT Grenland website or

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Youth was about don'ts, old age is about dos

In our mid-30's we gradually discover that life slows down. (Not activity wise, but mentally and physically.) Things no longer come to us without putting in some kind of effort, e.g. memorizing and learning, making changes, losing bad habits, bodily metabolism...

The don'ts
It seems as if my "youth" was about the don'ts... For instance, I've always kept away from tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and "harmful drugs". You might say, it kept me "out of trouble". These don'ts have always been pretty self evident to me.

The dos
However, the don'ts are no longer sufficient when you're coming closer to your 40's. You'll run into trouble for a lot less when you're getting older.

So, in my mind, our focus almost automatically switches to all the dos. It's not so much about what I should not eat any more, but rather it's about what I should eat that matters. I'm more careful to eat regularly, more slowly. I've also improved getting regular and moderate exercise. Vitamins is something I've grown to appreciate...

The change
The shift is simple. The way you view the picture of that sandwich just changes, doesn't it?!

Yepp. I guess these are among the first few processes that lead up to a midlife crisis, don't you think? ;-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

That "Sam I am" is reeeeally pushing it, isn't he?!

Well, my kids love the story. Wait, I'm mistaken. They don't love it. They're crazy about it! And it's Sam's persistence that totally gets them. Pluss the fact that his chosen victim is so darn stubborn, isn't he. If he could only taste it, he'd see. Green eggs and ham aren't half that bad!

This evening I read the story to my kids, in English, again... You know they know it when a four-year old translates everything you say into Norwegian. (No, our four-year old twin girls do not speak English ;-) But this story, they can translate word for word - all the way through. Heh, how about that!

Dr Seuss' story is a classic among classics. Quite frankly, most Norwegians never heard it. That's why I'll give you the short cut to seeing it for yourself at YouTube (even though to fully appreciate the real deal it should be a read, not a feed!!).

BTW, did you know that Green Eggs and Ham is about selling?