Friday, October 23, 2009

Open Source is not the only one way

Since 2004 I've been working actively with Open Source as a business model. And I love it! However, unlike many others out there, I'm not an Open Source fanatic, i.e. I don't believe Open Source is the only way "to do software".

Open Source is a business model more than anything else.

As such, it's one of several options. There's a time and place for everything.

You're saying: "But Open Source is the future?!" Oh sure, I believe it holds a major place in future software. But just like any other business model, as circumstances change, so will our approach to making the necessary adjustments. I'm not saying we shouldn't proactively influence future trends and ways to share and innovate, but merely that...

"one way only seldom is the only one way".

Having been with eZ Systems for several years, the past two years I've also been closely involved with Gaiaware. Gaiaware just released its Gaia Ajax 3.6 Beta. If you're a developer using .Net, then this technology will blow you away! And yes, it's Open Source ;-)

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