Saturday, October 17, 2009

Evaluation as a means to improve

I love the principle of evaluation. It just makes so much sense to me:

Find out what worked out well and do more of it. Uncover what didn't work and either change or eliminate it.

And evaluation is so basic, isn't it? Evaluation is weeding out both success and failure from one and the same product. When we evaluate, the following inevitably will result:

What's being evaluated usually improves over time.

Evaluation is often forgotten, rarely done, and especially not done on a regular basis. We somehow tend to think it's not necessary because we're able to assess success and failure as we go. But no, effective evaluation actually takes conscious effort!

While I did another public speaking session this morning I made sure to catch the essence of it on film, taking another critical look at myself. Had I relied on external feedback alone, I would have concluded there was little room for improvement. BUT... my own perception of my own performance is also valuable. While watching and listening to myself I clearly saw that I need to do more storytelling. Every time I told a story energy went up. Theoretical jibberish should be brief and to the point. I should do less of it.

Remember what I said about storytelling? Well, maybe today I've become just a tiny bit better at it ;-)

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