Friday, October 23, 2009

Clock backward or forward?

Tomorrow, this coming Saturday night, it's again --time to adjust time-- for Daylight Saving Time.

Now, do you remember whether it's one hour backward or forward? (BTW, did you know it actually varies across the globe, depending on where you live?) Here's how I remember whether it's one hour backward or forward...

Rule of thumb no 1
When winter is approaching and days grow darker, DST compensates by giving me an extra hour. I'm not too fond of the dark nights and the cold winters here in Norway.

Rule of thumb no 2
When summer approaches days grow brighter and to me it's kind of OK that DST steals an hour. It doesn't matter that I lose an hour of sleep, simply because I'm just so happy to see more light and warmer days anyway.

Funny, but those are my childish thoughts and how I always easily remember. So tomorrow night DST favors me ("comforts me") with an extra hour of sleep by letting me adjust time one hour backward.

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