Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When life's tough!

Life can be challenging. Sooner or later everyone "get's it".

When I'm tempted to get emotional and bugged down with negative thoughts I automatically switch into a three step process:

(...and I just recently discovered this is what I'm doing)

(1) I look at myself from the outside
First I admit that I'm hurt and that I'm feeling down. If it's really bad and I'm in the middle of what seems like a serious crisis I might even express my feelings out loud. It helps to hear myself complain, because I quickly see how pathetic and self indulgent it sounds.

(2) I find a reference point
At this point I will think of all the people around me that are much worse off. I might think of people that are abused, physically disabled, hopelessly alone or even struck by terrible disaster. This kind of thinking makes me appreciate all the good things I still enjoy.

(3) I leverage from strength
Once I've caught hold of a positive thought or two, I leverage strength from this to consciously decide that my pain and frustration will not affect the people around me, but that I will do eXactly the opposite; lift and build others quite contrary to how I might feel. This helps me refocus on the people around me, which is so much more inspiring and productive.

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