Saturday, September 12, 2009

When did I quit watching TV?

The other day I just realized... I hardly watch TV anymore. Now I'm wondering what happened?

I guess in many ways I've replaced TV time with time on the web. What I used to watch on TV was the news and maybe the odd movie now and then. Sometimes, when there's a major sports event I might actually be in front of the TV, but even sports is offered with greater sophistication online than via the TV these days.

I guess for me it comes down to proactive living and "control". I can control the web, my phone, the DVD player... TV is just so reactive. Given today's time pressures - yes, I've grown up - my schedule and goals are just not in support of leisure left to coincidence.

Who knows, maybe the rise of interactive TV or the merging of web and TV will bring "the big screen" back into my life to some extent. It'll be interesting to see. What about you..? Do you watch TV?

p.s. Here's an interesting presentation by Peter Hirshberg on the subject of TV and web that I found just now.

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