Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lest ye forget, lest ye forget!

How important it is to REMEMBER!

Just think about it. Tradition, history, memories, heritage, sudden ideas, good advice or inspiring words, discovered purpose, dreams, goals, plans or even newly acquired skills and training or whatever it may be. How do you remind yourself of the things that are most important to remember in your life? Where do you store it? How do you make it come back to you when you need it?

To illustrate, goals are per definition goals only when they are written down. Why? Because if they're not in writing we will tend to forget and lose our focus. I keep my goals in front of me constantly - in my pocket, above my bed, on my desk, my desktop and in my journal. Focus! Focus helps me to spend my strength on the most important and spontaneously serve in the moment.

Here's an article on the importance of taking notes.


  1. So true! SO TRUE! A wiritten goal will become relity if you write it down and make "no-eidt" rules. And if you constansly reminds yourself to focus on acoplishing that goal it will become true :)

  2. ...and isn't interesting how writing it down takes a lot of guts. I sometimes get the feeling people won't write them down, simply because they're afraid to fail. But there can be no success without a bunch of failure. Interesting phenomenon! ;)