Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Always dispute deadlines!

To find more quality in life I have two specific suggestions to what can be done:

(1) Learn to say no to the good
You may have received this advice many times before, but it certainly is worth repeating.

A major source of happiness is giving. Giving is a matter of focus, because it allows you to deliver your very best. Thus, to obtain that focus, there is little need to learn to say no to bad stuff. Most of us handle that pretty well. Far more important is the ability to say no to the good. Today's toughest challenge is deciding what is most important and then stick to it. All the good around us, and there's plenty of it, is the biggest enemy to pursuing that focus. Learn to say no to the good. That's where you'll find the time to spend strength on the most important.

(2) Always dispute deadlines
Making and keeping commitments can really hurt. If you want to be free of other people's agenda in your life, one of the habits that comes in handy is to always dispute deadlines. You'll find that 90% of all deadlines are fictitious, i.e. they're only there because someone feels you should be doing something for them. Next time someone gives you a deadline, make sure to ask: "What is the reason for this deadline?" Once you get the reason (and they don't really want to give it to you) then state: "This does not fit my schedule very well. Can we discuss an alternative deadline or even not decide on one?"

p.s. Deadlines can cause an unnecessary sense of urgency. Of course deadlines are good, but if you're governed by urgencies, this might be a way to get your life back on track. My two cents ;-)

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