Friday, July 31, 2009

Young Ambassadors DVD now available!

Now the Young Ambassadors DVD produced in Skien is available folks, and the product is amazing!

With this I want to pay tribute to the people involved with the Young Ambassadors project. And it's a very long list. In total 1,200 people in Grenland.

Specifically I'd like to mention a few of the key players, who gave a lot of themselves:

First of all the 24 students at Hjalmar Johansen high school. If it wasn't for them, the Young Ambassadors would never have become such an amazing success. They not only helped gain attention in the media, but in sum they are the producers of the YA DVD now coming out. This has taken 5 months of hard work!

The project committee with 12 different managers of sub projects did a fanTAStic job, most of them from Skien menighet. Together with the Mayor of Skien, the Principals and Department Managers of several High Schools, a number of local church and other civic leaders and not to forget Anders Vangen himself, everything peaks with this wonderful memory now profesionally edited and collected in this DVD production.

I also want to stress the energetic participation and interaction of 320 students from Grenland. They truly made the day itself a big one! The favourable support by Varden and TV Telemark as well as ALL the people behind the ISBUK prize was significant and solid.

Finally, thank you to the Young Ambassadors and leaders at BYU Performing Arts Management.

If you want to buy the DVD - only $ 17.00 or NOK 99,- then send me, any of the project managers or students listed on the cover above an e-mail ;-)

p.s. 700 DVDs were already sold before printing and only a limited amount are available, so you'd better be quick! And remember, 10 % of your money goes to charity.

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