Friday, July 3, 2009

Tipping Point Methodology

During my authoring The 3 Energies Behind Sales Success I've had the privilege of interacting with a lot of quality people, some of which have deeply impressed me. This time I'd like to pay it forward to Terje Skriver and Mia Haukås Skriver.

Terje and Mia are the professionals behind Tipping Point Methodology. Besides being highly competent within their respective fields of expertice, Terje and Mia are among the most wonderful and pleasent people you'll ever meet! Their people skills and insight into "human capital" is truly outstanding. In addition, they're both spellbinding public speakers.

If you go to the sitemap of the TPM website you'll find a number of training videos. Unfortunately all this unique material is currently in Norwegian only, but once we've translated it into English I'll be doing the voice over and make it available worldwide. This stuff is all about the brain and how we can work in a much smarter way - utilizing our mind to make long term and lasting change and improvements.

Two video samples: "Ubevisste beslutninger" and "JOHARIs vindu for ledere".

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  1. It's too bad that the TPM website is still not available in English. I'm sure this methodology would be interesting for many people worldwide.