Saturday, June 6, 2009

The power of keeping a journal

Lillian and I had a lot of fun with the kids the other day. Doing what?!

Reading our journals from when we were their age. There is a clear difference in style - that of a young girl and a young boy, and sometimes it was quite embarrassing, actually. However, embarrassment always turned into laughter and more detailed storytelling. What a wonderful family activity this is.

Even more so, musing on my childhood this morning I realized how powerfully my journal habits have influenced me. Always writing just before retiring to bed, it forces me to reflect on how I've spent my time and what has happened. I especially enjoy searching my own feelings. I find there's always great learning in self reflection.

A journal seems to extend our memory and every so often I turn to it as a reference to find out where I was or what I did at a particular day or some significant event from the past. When I do the feelings and mental pictures from that day always come back to me.

I'm so grateful for parents and leaders that encouraged me to establish this daily habit as a young boy.

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