Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ping Pong tournament

Just for fun, I organized an ICT Grenland ping pong tournament. The Challenge Cup was the "IKT Grenland mug" - as you can see in the picture ;-) It was a lot of fun. Coupled with hot dogs and something to drink this activity brought a lot of us right back to precious childhood memories. Ambition caused a quick return of old and rusty tricks, and it was great to see that ping pong is pretty much the same as riding a bicycle - you never forget it!

Maybe you'll enjoy this ping pong clip at YouTube just as much as I did..?

Vidar Top congratulating Rune Langseid (eZ Systems) with his winning the IKT Grenland ping pong tournament, handing over the "Challenge Cup" (mug). The picture was taken by Sten Thorstensen.

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