Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Young Ambassadors - here we come!

Today the Media team at Hjalmar Johansen high school decided to work their way to a visit at the BYU - Performing Arts Management. Their thinking goes pretty much like this: "If the Young Ambassadors can come all the way from the U.S. to visit us here in Skien, then it should be possible for us to do the same".

I was given the crazy assignment to check whether or not it's possible and it looks like every manager and parent will be in support of this WILD project. To fund the trip, the Media team will produce a DVD that will be sold for NOK 99,- a piece. Better yet, 10% will go to charity. I admire these young people, the drive they have and the proactive attitude this group radiates.

They've already put together a Facebook group, called "Young Ambassadors - here we come" (hence the title of this blog) where they will collaborate to make this a reality. My compliments, folks!

The Young Ambassadors visited Skien on May 7th 2009.

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