Friday, May 8, 2009


The Young Ambassadors got involved with more than 300 students in Skien on May 7th here in Skien, Norway. More than 800 attended the show last night. Here are som quotes from the people who were involved... (click the photo for full view)

Group photo of the Media team together with the Young Ambassadors + the first group of several others.

"Vidar, this is just overwhelming!"

"I've had the most wonderful time of my life. I'm speechless."

"This is beyond... Can we have them come back soon?"

"Oh, I wish they could come back..!"

"Since the minute they arrived, I've just felt so happy inside."

...I know, it sounds too good to be true - almost sentimental. However, I'm just giving you the facts ;-)

Some of the media coverage today in Telemarksavisa, Varden and TV Telemark.

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  1. Great show, Great Experience and it was just AWESOME!
    Come back to Skien and stay longer PLEASE