Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ISBUK Prize Awarded

May 2009 has become the first year mark of the ISBUK Prize - a monumental and epic award to a dedicated and selfless servant of youth and children here in Grenland.

Winner of ISBUK
The prize was presented by Anders Vangen in behalf of a "Cross Cultural Forum for Children and Youth in Grenland". The Mayor of Skien, Rolf Erling Andersen, spoke with great pride and with lavish praise about this effort at the formal reception held in honor of this year's winner:


A photo of the statuette produced by Hjalmar Johansen high school in Skien. ISBUK is an acronym and short for "Ivrig Sliter for Barn, Ungdom og Kultur".

Harald Gravalid is the embodiment of what this prize represents and its criteria:
  • Dutiful Commitment - unusually dedicated effort beyond normal
  • Inspiring Example - peculiar ability to excite and ignite talent and individual ability
  • Faithful - steady contribution over many years both in small and big things
  • Hard working "Slogger" - initiative and drive in spite of bad odds and little help
  • Resourceful - capable of creating great memories in spite of few resources
  • Empathic - love and compassion for young people
Harald's anonymous and admirable leadership has set the standard for a lot of people the past 31 years, among others through FUNKIS, a local club at Åfoss in Skien. A complete listing of all Harald's work and effort would blow this newspost out of proportions!

Prize Jury
The jury consists of prominent and key people in Grenland, the details of which are available upon request. The local community in Grenland will work to make this award a yearly tradition and the foundation for a collaborative effort in supporting all those who labor selflessly to help and engage children and youth in wholesame activities.

Yearly Tradition
Every year a major show or event will be organized and the economic surplus will be used to modestly reward young talents while providing uplifting musical entertainment for elderly people. For more information about ISBUK and/or this yearly show, please contact the Committee Chairman.

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