Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bergby's mustard to the US

Did you ever taste Bergbys sennep (sennep = mustard in Norwegian)?

Seldom do we encounter a product that so effectively persuades consumer adoption --just by taste alone-- like this "niche mustard". It's the biggest in Norway, but is on a rapid incline and penetrates the market with a steady increase. Where does Bergbys sennep come from and how did it all begin? (Here's the short version.)

In the early 19th century, the Bergby family ran a small family business consisting of three hot dog stands in Telemark, Norway. In order to secure their customers and get as much repeat business as possible the family decided to make its own unique mustard.

The mustard did exactly what it was supposed to do. Customers kept coming back specifically stating: "It's not a hot dog if it ain't got Bergbys on it".

Over time, the customer base grew to such an extent that department stores wanted to offer Bergbys mustard along with other related food products. "The proof is in the pudding" and with Bergbys that's especially relevant. From the moment people got the taste of it, the jungle telegraph has been its primary reason for growth. Today, Bergbys mustard is famous for its widely applicable use in all kinds of foods and in every type of setting - not just hot dogs.

...and why am I sharing this story? I've never met a single US citizen that didn't like the taste of it. Crazy! In fact, they like it so much friends keep asking for privately sent shipments. This only means one thing; it's time to give the US market a chance, and I'm excited to share the latest news; "We're working on it" ;-)


  1. Hei Vidar,

    Noe nytt angaaende Bergy's sennep i USA. Jeg kommer fra Skien men bor i Fargo, ND. Hot dogs er ikke det samme uten Bergy's sennep.

    Mvh Ole Th.

  2. Ja, forhåpentligvis snart...

    Vi jobber med siste fase nå, så det er spennende tider. Hvis alt går som det skal kommer det nyheter her i bloggen ;)

  3. Hello

    I knew bergby's mustard in a travel in Norway

    Do you know if i could bought bergbys by internet??

    Thank you very much

  4. Thank you for asking, Alberto!

    Unfortunately, not yet. But hopefully we'll be able to provide this kind of service sometime in the near future. Hang in there ;-)

    1. Has anyone found something similar to Bergby's? I have searched the internet and can't find it anywhere online to ship to U.S.

  5. Hey great news!

    You can order Bergbys here:

    And the best is: They ship Bergbys to the US and to nearly every other country!!!

  6. Hei, bor I Nederland. Er det mulig aa bestille (uten moms) aa faa sendt Berbys nedover. Har "bestillinger" baade fra US og CAN kolleger:)

  7. So is there anywhere I can order it in the US? Love this stuff and completely blame my friends from Norway getting me hooked on it!

  8. Hva med oss i London? Må bære med meg flere flasker til barnebarn og venner når jeg kommer fra Oslo. Mulig å importere?

  9. Has anyone found out where this can be ordered in the US?

  10. We are working in this project right now.. its a long slow project to get it here but i will post on here as things get closer but we will be blessed with this great sauce in the coming future