Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Florence is beautiful!

Lillian and I brought our two oldest children to Italy last week. We took a close look at both Pisa and Florence. I'd heard a lot about how beautiful Florence is, but I absolutely did not expect to be stunned the way I was. What a wonderful experience it was visiting this city. I would strongly recommend a trip - or two. We're definitely going again soon!

Overlooking Florence with Sofie and Eivind next to me.

Lillian and me resting on a bench in a small town outside Florence.

Climbing the leaning tower of Pisa.

Visiting the Italian seaside at Tirrenia.

...and of course I too had to have this kind of picture taken!


  1. Har leid leilighet i en uke utenfor Pisa (Torre Del Lago)fra St Hans. Skal være to uker i Italia - med barn. Har vært i Firenze to ganger tidligere, og gleder meg til å komme tilbake :-)
    Kjempefine bilder, Vidar!

    Vibeke A