Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You gotta answer WHY!

These days I'm sharing "the WHY message" - an important part of the 3E concept.

It makes a HUGE difference when people know WHY! Let me quickly explain:

When I'm doing training, paritipants can always easily be grouped in "those with positive and negative energy". It's dead simple!

How can you tell the difference? Positive energy is manifest in so many ways, e.g. proactive participation, asking questions, interaction with others and sharing insight... It is often reinforced by being on time, being prepared and being awake and alert.

How come? These people have answered WHY! They know why they're there.

As a result, most often they're also very clear on WHAT; what do I want, what needs to be done... Because we naturally reflect on WHAT once we know WHY.

The first step to energy is WHY. Ask yourself today: "Why am I doing what I do?" It will give you a boost, regardless of how well you've answered this question in the past. We can always do better and it starts with WHY!

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