Friday, March 6, 2009

Marit Breivik to Grenland

On April 29th we're celebrating the 5th anniversary of Grenland EXPO, constantly growing and this year of course bigger than ever. We have a lot of good people coming:

Marit Breivik, the successful Norwegian handball coach will be sharing her positive energy. I'm especially excited about her visit, as we'll be engaging her in a 30 minute Q & A session. First, however, Marit Breivik will be speaking on the subject of "Managing for world class performance".

There are many others, e.g. Egil Myklebust, Harald Norvik, Tor Nørretranders and most importantly people you should know, but probably don't. They are frequently the best speakers, believe me!

During the evening we'll be watching and listening to Sven Nordin's famous show, "Hulemannen".

Better make it to Grenland EXPO this year ;-)

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