Monday, February 9, 2009

Reading books regularly?

So here are the results of me checking out people's reading habits with a quick poll posted a week ago. This first week it had 40 respondents. I asked one simple question: "How frequently do you read books aimed at personal development?" and then provided five alternative answers. The numbers came out as shown below.

Even though 40 as a total population of this poll is pretty scarce, it still provides a careful indication of what reading habits might be out there. (BTW, the poll is still open for participation.) However, I suspect these results are not too far away from the truth. Where are you? Can you prove this "wrong" or insufficient?

If we consider age as a variable, it seems younger people range more from active readers to "not reading at all", whereas people above age 55 read books off and on.

Maybe younger people are more into fiction, too..? This is where it could be nice to do more digging to get "the real picture". I think the greatest weakness is that I didn't include 2-3 books per year as an alternative. The yellow category is probably too wide and includes too many of those participating..?

By gender it appears there's not really much of a difference. 70% of the respondents were female, so the outcome should be more accurate in representing their habits.

I think the most thought provoking result was this one, dividing reading habits based on "job function":

Apparently, a fair share of Academics and people responsible for Human Resource are not into steady reading - at least not "all of the book". Could it be that they're only reading bits and parts as they are loaded with reading requirements as part of the job?

If I were to ask again, I'd ask: Where would you like to be? I'm guessing that would totally change the picture. Most people I meet wish they did more reading anyway. What about you? I know I sure do, but currently I'm actually doing something about it - I'll be reading more than 30 books this year. Ask me about it by the end of this year ;-)

p.s. If you want to know about results based on other variables e.g. "company size" or "title", those too give intriguing insight.

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