Friday, February 27, 2009

Cross-country skiing relay

Today I saw the most amazing athlete put on a spurt like you never saw before. Together with a team of three others Petter Northug jr won the cross-country relay World Championship, crossing the finish line first with supreme style. Wow! what a machine! I'm estounded at his explosive strength in the end of a tough race like this.

This is so impressive, I just had to share it. Look at how he towards the end of this online clip agressively leans forward and suddenly explodes like a rocket. Click on the picture to witness it for yourself. Fantastic!

Grenland EXPO

Yesterday IKT Grenland met together again. The place was packed. I'll be sharing a few YouTube videos as soon as they're ready. Believe me, it's going to be good!

Grenland EXPO is almost finished contentwise (check out the Grenland EXPO program). And what content!!? The people we're getting together is just fantastic; Marit Breivik (see why Marit Breivik is someone you'll want to listen to), Egil Myklebust, Harald Norvik, a Minister from the Norwegian government (as always ;-) and a bunch of quality people you've probably never heard, but whose brilliance you'll discover during the event. Mark your calendar for Thursday April 29th - ALL DAY!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The older you get..?

At I just posted an article on the power of recognition in answer to a poll I did last week, asking "How important is it to receive recognition"? In that respect I have an interesting question:

Do you believe the statistics are "right" if I claim that the older you get the more you realize that giving recognition to others is important? This graphical rendition of the results may absolutely imply such a conclusion... (Brown and yellow combined are people who believe giving recognition to others makes a difference.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tell me what success is!

I posted an online question about success. Tell me what you think; is success fame and glory, money and wealth or is success something else? (It takes three clicks to respond providing you're a LinkedIn user already, pluss you get to see what people statistically have said about this - interesting response!)

And here's the result - based on 19 responses:

BTW, here are two articles written on success you may want to browse through:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Grenland EXPO teaser

Published a Grenland EXPO clip on YouTube. Together with it is the new sound logo and vignette. The sound logo was made by Emil Riis Jacobsen and me. The clip was put together by Kjetil Strøm-Hval and me. I find it kind of inspiring ;-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Enjoying freezing frost

Today we had a lot of fun in the snow with a bunch of friends.

90% of the time was spent just going downhill.

Our brave Philip was super active all the time going up and down until dad was completely exhausted ;-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alexander Rybak

Lillian and I brought our two oldest to "Melodi Grand Prix" here in Grenland (i.e. the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest semifinal) last Saturday. Some of the songs were downright terrible. But then again, I don't like neither rap music nor heavy metal and the sort. I just think music should generate good feelings, which is something I generally don't find in these genres.

On the other hand, one of the artists just BLEW US AWAY!! Alexander Rybak not only won the song contest, he also won the hearts of our family. His performance was impeccable - simply decent and enthusiastic. His song is perfect and his talent complete. This guy should make it all the way to the top. (Click the picture to get a glimpse of his charismatic appearance on TV - notice how the audience is cheering and clapping throughout the ENTIRE performance. Amazing! ;-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Reading books regularly?

So here are the results of me checking out people's reading habits with a quick poll posted a week ago. This first week it had 40 respondents. I asked one simple question: "How frequently do you read books aimed at personal development?" and then provided five alternative answers. The numbers came out as shown below.

Even though 40 as a total population of this poll is pretty scarce, it still provides a careful indication of what reading habits might be out there. (BTW, the poll is still open for participation.) However, I suspect these results are not too far away from the truth. Where are you? Can you prove this "wrong" or insufficient?

If we consider age as a variable, it seems younger people range more from active readers to "not reading at all", whereas people above age 55 read books off and on.

Maybe younger people are more into fiction, too..? This is where it could be nice to do more digging to get "the real picture". I think the greatest weakness is that I didn't include 2-3 books per year as an alternative. The yellow category is probably too wide and includes too many of those participating..?

By gender it appears there's not really much of a difference. 70% of the respondents were female, so the outcome should be more accurate in representing their habits.

I think the most thought provoking result was this one, dividing reading habits based on "job function":

Apparently, a fair share of Academics and people responsible for Human Resource are not into steady reading - at least not "all of the book". Could it be that they're only reading bits and parts as they are loaded with reading requirements as part of the job?

If I were to ask again, I'd ask: Where would you like to be? I'm guessing that would totally change the picture. Most people I meet wish they did more reading anyway. What about you? I know I sure do, but currently I'm actually doing something about it - I'll be reading more than 30 books this year. Ask me about it by the end of this year ;-)

p.s. If you want to know about results based on other variables e.g. "company size" or "title", those too give intriguing insight.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eurovision Song Contest

Today I helped promote the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest - just for fun because I was asked to.

Afterwards we took a picture. On my right hand is Maria Haukaas Storeng who sang "Hold on be strong" for Norway last year. She finished in 5th place with a total of 182 points for her song, thus being the highest ranking Western European song of the year. On my left hand is Per Sundnes, Norwegian main commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Elafonisi - Crete

Last fall Lillian and I took our five kids to Crete for a two week holiday. We'd never been there, so it was a great experience for all of us. If you ever travel to Crete, make sure to visit Elafonisi. There are a lot of beautiful places on this unique island, but Elafonisi is still a hot topic around the dinner table and every so often we dream of going back. To this day I never saw a more ideal family beach!

To take this picture we put our camera on a rock because there was simply no one in site to help us take a family photo. Sometimes privacy is nice!