Monday, January 12, 2009

The Young Ambassadors

I am --WAY-- excited! Today it was decided; the Young Ambassadors are coming to Skien - again!

Last time was in 1978 and I was barely old enough to understand the meaning of "entertainment". But being 6 years old - what an amazing introduction I was given to the emotions of what a fabulous show can do to you. Even at the age of only 6 I was thrilled to my backbone and had every single hair on my back "stand tall".

If you've never experienced the Young Ambassadors like I have, then this is your opportunity of a lifetime:

On Thursday the 7th of May they will be performing at Skien Fritidspark. Better yet, I can even help get you a ticket as I am part of the local crew getting everything organized for this particular location of their Scandinavian tour.

Get your ticket NOW or die trying... but seven of those eleven hundred tickets are already reserved for each member of my own family ;-)

Here are a few photos just to get a sense of the amazing talent these performing artists share with us during the show - gives me goosebumps! (click any of the photos to view a sample performance - you gotta love it)

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  1. looking very much forward to this event!