Monday, January 26, 2009

IKT Grenland monthly meet

This upcoming Thursday ICT Grenland meets together again for our monthly evening event. In total, ICT Grenland consists of 70 companies or organizations, 500-600 people in the local IT industry. It's a small network, but we've gained national publicity - I'm proud to say - for the quality people and brilliant products and services it represents.

The ICT Grenland values are "Open - Happy - Creative", although any Norwegian will quickly see how difficult it is to translate the Norwegian equivalent: "Åpen - Blid - Skapende". "Blid" is more than just "happy" and "skapende" implies more action than merely being "creative". Like I pointed out yesterday, even the Norwegian language has nuances that enriches our communication.

Come, see for yourself at Klosterøya in Skien Thursday the 30th of January at 19:00 - 21:00. (We meet the last Thursday of every month - same time - same place.) Here's a short YouTube clip from the last ICT Grenland meeting in 2008. The place was packed!

Visit the ICT Grenland blog to find out more about all the stuff that's happening in this network!

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