Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Pepperkaker" in English..?

Today our family maintained the yearly tradition of making Ginger Thins together. But how exciting it was to find the English translation for "cookies":

If I turn to the dictionary, the closest I came to Norwegian "pepperkake" was "gingersnap". However, the dictionary does not always translate words and terms the idiomatic way we expect it to...

For this, we have a wonderful tool to help us out; the search engine. Doing a quick picture search for Gingersnaps immediately made it clear the dictionary was indeed missing a nuance. A Scandinavian "Gingersnap" is NOT the same as a "Pepperkake". Next I turned to Wikepedia and looked up Gingersnaps. There was the answer. A correct - more idiomatic - translation of "pepperkaker" seems to be "Ginger Thins".

I guess that's it. Or am I mistaken? You tell me, if you have more input on this trivial, yet important matter to our family. Without them, we would've lost a major part of our Christmas tradition! Here's the recipee for Scandinavian Ginger Thins - in Norwegian ;-)


  1. Yeah, the american packaging you get in the stores here calls them ginger thins.

  2. Thanks! Makes me wonder whether or not they're really Scandinavian? hmm...

  3. In Germany we call them "Pfefferkuchen" - one of the traditional cookies for christmas.

  4. Being Dutch and all, I guess I now should find out what they're called in Holland ;)