Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's a happy new year?!

Many years ago I read a fascinating book about "Near Death Experiences" written by a doctor who originally wasn't religious, but who, as time went by, became convinced that his dying patients all had the same basic experience. He went about doing research and a lot of interesting facts and similarities surfaced.

I found the most intriguing part of his research the observing of survivors. Every one of them was left with two core values and characteristics during the remainder of their lives. Regardless of who they were before the near death experience - following their unique experience - they would always display:
  1. a dramatic increase in love and care for others
  2. an eager drive to learn and acquire knowledge
If we were to live as if today was the last day of our lives, I believe loving and learning would certainly be at the center of our attention. If there's anything that outlasts our short lives, I guess it would be these two. May we keep that in mind as we enter and live 2009.

Dear friends and readers, I wish all of you a happy new year! ...and I believe it will be happy IF we focus our strength on "loving and learning".

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