Friday, December 5, 2008


Having Dutch parents growing up in Norway made my childhood - I feel - rather unique. I guess everybody gets a sense of being "different" at times. One of the ways in which I felt privileged was the blessing of the Dutch Sinterklaas tradition. The big day is the 5th of December.

Both my parents are highly creative, and when it comes to family celebrations this was no exception. We had so much fun - Sinterklaas is clearly among my fondest memories. Naturally, we want the same for our own kids, so today we had a major party and loads of fun together. This is the one day when there are no restrictions to the intake of sweets. We toss it in the air, and the kids go crazy. We play games, have treasure hunts in the house, get all close relatives together, eat good food and pass along presents. The entire style of the celebration is different from all else. It's hard to explain. Maybe you should ask me about it some time. I'll gladly share the details and convey the deeper feelings associated with the 5th of December.

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