Saturday, December 20, 2008

Google AdWords

Thomas Øverbø in eZ Systems and I are heading up a Google AdWords group. Together with a few others in the Sales and Marketing forum of ICT Grenland we're working on mastering this amazing tool. Once a month we meet at Klosterøya to share the tips and tricks of the "online visibility game".

Google AdWords has given our company website a lot of high quality traffic! Especially my 3E blog has had loads of visitors by applying just a few search phrases in a simple campaign. Most importantly, only a few days after signing up, requests for training were coming in like never before. So far, my return on investment has been 900 %.

If you haven't tested Google AdWords, you're simply losing out BIGTIME! I'll gladly help you learn more ;-)

p.s. Here's the Google AdWords forum in Norwegian.


  1. Linken din til Google AdWords er vel feil? Den linker til en "Reported web forgery" side... iflg en sikkerhetsadvarsel jeg får fra Firefox.

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