Monday, December 15, 2008

The eZ Awards

I was just browsing some of the pages at the eZ Systems website when I came across this videoclip from the eZ Awards 2007 (scroll down to the bottom of the page). What great fun this conference was - most of all the Awards show!

The project team involved close to 100 people. We had limousins, red carpet and press coverage (TV, newspapers and magazines) - celebrities, investors and VIP's coming to the cocktail reception preceding the show - and the main event was an Oscar's show like you've probably never seen before. I also invited the Norwegian Minister of Government Administration and Reform. She both spoke at the reception and was one of our prize presenters. With our own little twist, the entire event was held at Ibsenhuset in Skien. The place was packed with 800 people, among those local politicians and leaders.

The after party was held at Klosterøya, where - at the time - eZ planned to move their offices. Today this has become a reality. Below is a picture of the building as it is today - nice, huh!? (Slightly different from the old factory it used to be.)

But, look, you gotta watch the eZ Awards video to catch some of the atmosphere!!

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