Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Elite Sales Professionals

In June this year we began organizing what is now known as a worldwide group of Elite Sales Professionals. Today we are more than 1.000 high performers and a powerful group of competent people. LinkedIn serves as the initial connection and meeting point, but it will soon be complimented by smart online solutions. These solutions will allow members three basic privileges:
  • An evolutionary collaboration model for tipping-point results
  • A network of quality people to visualize business opportunities
  • An online framework to innovate new money generation activities
The current group definition reads: "High performing sales people with experience in strategy and positioning, network and relations as well as pure skills and customer centric concepts such as innovation and product development. Trustworthy and competent professionals able to create value balancing people with business and money."

Once we've reached critical mass and the beta versions of the online solutions are in place, the Expert Panel behind this group will introduce a second round of qualification. This is when we'll experience the long planned "explosion" of the quality network we're only witnessing the small beginnings of today. Let me assure you; the Expert Panel is not without ambition regarding this worldwide undertaking! (And yes, the Expert Panel is yet to be formally introduced.)


  1. Go on Vidar - I am listening! Please inclcude Axekl on your list. He is developing fast, but needs this kind of background from experienced profesionals.

  2. This process in particular; "fast is slow and slow is fast" ;)