Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blue Ocean Strategy

I've spoken with quite a few people who want me to teach them about "Blue Ocean Strategy" - the kind of innovation that's really needed in the 21st century?!

So what's Blue Ocean Strategy about? Short version; it's about value innovation! Research clearly indicates that companies have a strong tendency to not listen to the market place. Yes, you read it right, if not addressed any company will soon assume that they know what their customers want, but they don't!

Any wonder, then, that sales people frequently grow frustrated with colleagues who will not listen when they communicate what is truly important to the clients they speak with face-to-face?

In stead of being in a red ocean where there's bloody competition, it's smarter to move into blue oceans where competition becomes irrellevant. Blue Ocean Strategy provides clear guidance to how this can be done:
  • by saving money and unnecessary cost invested in what the market does not request
  • by discovering new ways to deliver what the market is ready to receive
Wait! both save money AND innovate, you say?! Yes, both. We'd be fools not to explore and do it! Today I attended another meeting with the Norwegian Blue Ocean Strategy team - I'm part of it. Our website will soon be up and running ;-)

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